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First Responders & Essential Workers

  • Working in a hospital, grocery/food store, nursing home, police dept, fire dept, etc can find child care now by completing this form. More

 Child Care Subsidy

  • Working families can apply for assistance from the State of Michigan paying for child care. More

Child Care Scholarships

  • Scholarships are also available for more than 150 high-quality childcare programs in Detroit. More

Free Preschool - Head Start

  • Registration for free programs is every year between February and May. Head start supports children ages 3 to 5 and Early Head Start free child-care for children ages 0-3.  To learn more and sign up for Head Start programs. More

Free Preschool - Great Start Readiness Program

  • Great Start Readiness Programs are for 4 year olds. More


Find High Quality Child Care

  • To find high-quality childcare options. This website shows childcare options with high quality ratings from the state. More